Meet the leader of our LGBTQ+ Affinity Group - Yasmin

By Yasmin, Account Manager

Why are you passionate about the LGBTQ+ affinity group?

I am passionate about the LGBTQ+ Affinity Group because it is another step towards change within our corporation that comes directly from our employees. With everything constantly going on in the world, it is hard to not notice inequalities, and when the opportunity arose to be a part of what I have personally called the “Hilti movement,” I couldn’t turn it down. My passion for this group also comes from being a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself and having had past experiences where I felt I couldn’t truly be myself for fear of how I may be treated. Hilti has provided a platform that not many companies do. To be encouraged to be my true authentic self and to have the support of my company has really sparked a passion within me that is not only related to the topics of the LGBTQ+ community, but also about leading that conversation and change within an organization that I am proud to say I work for.

What are your aspirations as a group leader and member?

As a group leader I want to create a safe and belonging space for anyone who wants to be a part of it. I think everyone should have the opportunity to be heard (or not, if they prefer) and to feel like they are a part of the conversation in whatever way best suits them. I hope to be the kind of leader who inspires others to speak up and participate and most of all to be the kind of leader who inspires people to be their most authentic selves.

What has surprised you the most about working at Hilti?

What has surprised me the most about working at Hilti is how much the company cares about its people. Before joining Hilti, I did what any candidate does and checked Hilti out online beforehand, and I can say that after joining the culture was even more than I expected. I learned the foundation of Hilti truly comes through not only in the initial new hire training but also in your day-to-day job. I never expected to work for a company that makes so many decisions around supporting employee diversity and working every day towards total inclusion. 

What’s a favorite or impactful moment from your time at Hilti so far?

This question is a tough one for me because I have several moments that stick out for many different reasons, but one in particular is my first day of new hire training. I walked into a room full of strangers that morning and left with a room full of friends and colleagues. I will never forget how in just one day I went from feeling like I didn't belong to feeling like I had always belonged. It was impactful and little did I know it was just the beginning of many days that were going to leave an impact.

What’s a myth about your job that you’d like to bust? Or about working at Hilti?

That it's not your typical tool job! Working at Hilti involves so much more than a hammer drill or a concrete drill bit. It's about solutions and relationships with our customers that evolve over the years. I am constantly surprised by where my day takes me. It's just nothing like a typical sales job and that’s what I love!