Hear From a Former Intern

Curious what an internship with us would look like? Hear from former interns on their experiences and why they ultimately chose to join Hilti after graduation.


Each summer the brightest students work and grow with our internships across the country. Many of our interns move on to advance throughout the Hilti organization in North America and worldwide.


"I came to the realization that Hilti not only has loyal employees, but is also a loyal organization. That spoke volumes to me about the organization and culture I wanted to go into.

I knew from that day on that Hilti was the right place for me." 


"I felt it as an intern and still do today – feedback is desired from employees, whether you're new or a veteran to the company.

If you want to do something in your role that you feel would make it better (or make your successes better), you can." 


"At Hilti, I have been able to find a balance between applying my skills learned through my engineering degree and attaining industry-specific knowledge that will help me in my future.

I utilize my technical experience and aptitude along with developing transferable skills like public speaking, customer engagement, and industry exposure."


"Funny enough, I knew I wanted to be part of the Hilti logistics team when I was given a challenging internship project.

I got to create a steering board and even pilot my ideas in three of Hilti's warehouses."


"My internship was a great experience to dive into the corporate world, learn about Hilti finance and become close with other interns.

My intern manager was the Director of Finance Operations and she supported me shadowing others to understand all parts of the business."


"When I started my internship at Hilti the summer before my senior year of college, I barely knew what a Phillips screwdriver was, let alone a power tool! 

Now I have been with the organization for almost four years in three different full-time roles."


"As an intern, I learned Hilti was in over 120 different countries. I decided to pursue International Business as my major with the aspirations of one day working internationally.

As I continued to develop in my internship, I learned just how attainable my desire to work internationally could be if I worked full-time at Hilti."


"If you are looking for a company where there’s a lot of opportunity for internal growth and development, Hilti is the place.

In every role I've had at Hilti, I have had amazing managers who have taken the time to understand where I want to develop and helped me map out my plan to get there."