Meet the Leader of Our Black Affinity Group - Shana

By Shana, Digital Construction Consultant

Why are you passionate about the Black Affinity Group?

As a black woman professional in this country, it is my life's passion to bring permanent change to the way marginalized people are perceived and treated.

What are your aspirations as a group leader and member?
I want to build a community of education, support and professional development. My goal is to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives, both professionally and personally.

What has surprised you the most about working at Hilti?

The fact that this firm absolutely walks the walk of fostering a genuine "people-oriented" culture.

What’s a favorite or impactful moment from your time at Hilti so far?

Being named Chair of the Black Affinity Group and graduating from Hilti's Emerging Leaders Program in 2020.

What 3 words would you use to describe Hilti to someone?

Innovative, customer-focused, employee-focused.
What’s a myth about your job that you’d like to bust? Or about working at Hilti?

The idea that construction is an industry for which men are better suited.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

I love music and I play the drums, I love language and I am a polyglot, I love the beach and I’m a beginning surfer, I love to travel and have lived in over 8 cities, and finally, I live in Los Angeles, but will forever be a native New Yorker.