Set up for success

Jake is one Hilti's latest success stories. At the time of this writing, he's been with Hilti only a couple of months, and yet he has already proven himself a great asset to the company as the manager of a tool service center in Pennsylvania. Jake had stellar career in the Army, and retired after 29 years, leaving the service a commissioned officer. And when he left the military, Jake transitioned directly to a career at Hilti.

Speaking about this process, Jake said: "Hilti was easy. I was onboarded, given goals and objectives, and told to get to it. Pretty much the same process as new assignments in the Army!" 

Part of why Jake took to his new career so easily stemmed from Hilti's commitment to values that closely match those of the military. In particular, Hilti looks for candidates that show great growth potential, discipline and integrity — characteristics that veterans and prior service members tend to have in abundance.
In his words: "Hilti does an excellent job developing employees through careful coaching and evaluation. Hilti demonstrates that its employees are its most valuable asset in the way that they have a team-based culture, as well as a climate of personal and professional achievement. It's no wonder than that people tend to stay with the company long term."

The team structure is a big part of Hilti's strength, both as an organization and as a place to work for team members. It is the bedrock on which we build everything else, from goals and growth, to support and success.

As Jake put it: "Integrity and courage are actually stated Army values, and the Army is the quintessential team. Hilti's core values are very much what those who have served in the U.S. Army are accustomed to."
In summation of his time at Hilti so far, Jake had this to say: "I love my job; it's challenging and there is plenty of opportunity for growth in the company. I'm very excited to move forward in my career. I have been set up for success."