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Division Project Manager


The Division Project Manager (DPM) II, Energy & Industry will lead the efforts of an entire team, including BusinessDevelopers, Account Managers, Field Engineers, Fire Protection Specialists, & Regional Managers associated withpriority projects, on collaborating resources to achieve increased Share of Wallet (SoW) by converting obtainedproject specifications into sales and identifying new opportunities. This role will define capture plans, manageopportunities, and conduct capture team calls to maintain project focus and track progress of team efforts.

Fastening and Protection Field Engineer

Houston, TX

This position provides technical support and drives the sales of specified products to salesforce and customers(buying and non-buying) consistent with Hilti’s strategy. This position educates design communities concerning proper use and advantages of Hilti fastening and protection products. This position capitalizes on Hilti competencies to secure commitments for specification or approval of Hilti Products while adding value by assisting design community and influencers in solving design problems using Hilti Products.

PMO Project Manager

Busan, South korea

1. 본 업무담당자는 프로젝트의 수주 전, 후 전반에 걸쳐서 수행에 따른 risk를 사전에 파악, 대비하고, 고객에 정해진 납기 및 확보된 품질로 납품할 수 있도록 영업부, 자재부 등 기타 유관부서와 함께 프로젝트를 관리한다. 2. 프로젝트 수주 전 기술적, 계약적 risk를 사전에 검토하여 납기, 예산, 기술사양 등의 계약 협의시 risk를 줄이거나 대비할 수 있도록 영업부, 자재부, 재정부 등 유관부서와의 협의를 리드한다. 3. 고객 및 프로젝트 요구사항을 만족하고 예상 일정(forecasting)에 맞게 내, 외부 자원을 사전에 확보하며, 외부업체 선정, 프로젝트 수행을 위한 상세 셋업을 위하여 PMO Execution팀을 리드한다. 4. 프로젝트 수행 시 발생하는 변동, 특이사항에 대하여 즉시적으로 조치, 보고, 대응방안을 마련하며, 필요시 고객과의 협의를 영업부와 함께 리드하며 프로젝트 완료시 고객의 만족도를 높이고 힐티의 수익성을 확보하는데 최선을 다한다.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Plano, TX

The Digital Marketing Specialist is responsible for initiating, guiding, and executing Hilti Online projects, including strategic and tactical website content creation and maintenance. This role interfaces with product and trade management as well as other department managers, directors, and/or other contacts in support of the development of both new website content and the enhancement of current website content, as well as digital programs and online customer tools.

BIM – Regional Competence Manager

Plano, TX

Our regional BIM Competence Center is at the forefront of innovation. Working directly with our customers, our team members offer a full life-cycle service including design, specification, implementation and project management to ensure projects are delivered on-time, safely and to the highest possible standard which the Hilti name is synonymous for.

Jobsite Solutions Product Manager

Plano, TX

The Jobsite Solutions Product Manager is responsible for developing, executing, and managing a solution portfolio for our increasingly complex last mile landscape, supporting shipments from Hilti distribution centers and stores to our customers. This role defines capability building programs, sets pilot scope/timing/objectives, and transitions “pilot” programs to “business as usual” programs, run by the Jobsite Management Team.

Sustainability Marketing Manager

Plano, TX

This role is responsible for leading market and customer-oriented strategic sustainability initiatives for Hilti North America (HNA) with the strategic goal to enable out customers’ business to become more sustainable.

Brand and Content Specialist(Manager)

Seoul, South Korea

The role is to manage all elements of branding, online/offline marketing communication, content and develop digital strategies. -Brand management and procurement of merchandize. -Content creation by self and through agencies. -Budget planning and execution or Content planning and execution for Hilti social media. -Planning and execution of engagement marketing campaigns. -Budget planning and execution.

Strategic Pricing Analyst

Plano, TX

The role of the Strategic Pricing Analyst is to manage the pricing strategy of Hilti North America’s (HNA) product lines while maintaining the integrity of HNA’s premium market position and maximizing market penetration and business profitability. This position leads market research, manages pricing policies, and ensures pricing data accuracy in all company systems.

Project Manager II

Irving, TX

The Project Manager is the entrepreneur in Hilti that turns assets (knowledge, people, and equipment) into innovative products to achieve long term differentiation vs competition. Technical understanding, combined with very good people and communication skills are essential to perform this job