A Seamless Transition

When the time came to leave the military, Tony, like many veterans, faced the sometimes daunting task of finding employment within the civilian sector. His career in the armed services had been characterized by a passion for supply chain logistics, and so he searched for a business where he could put those hard-earned skills to their best use. In addition, he wanted to find a company whose commitment to its workforce mirrored that of the military.
In his words: "I knew people in the Tulsa area as I was transitioning from the military, and they spoke highly of Hilti's reputation within the community. I kept hearing 'that's a great company to work for.'"
As Tony put it, the process of joining Hilti was "a seamless transition." From his beginnings as a Warehouse Specialist, today he is a Store Operations Manager for Hilti North America, based in Plano, Texas. And now, after 15 years of accomplishment with Hilti, Tony is still going strong.


In his estimation, the cornerstones of success at Hilti are individual initiative and leadership, along with the mutual support of the team — in many ways a direct reflection of the core values from his time in the service.
As he said: "I think it starts with individual leadership within the team. Hilti encourages leadership from all positions and great managers give you the space to do that. And you can always count on the support of your teammates. From your direct team, to cross-functional teams, if you're working hard and committed to the task, the support will be there."
Tony was part of the team that created the current Hilti store training program, which he credits as the greatest success of his career thus far. This program is a way to help new store representatives quickly prepare for their new role, while maximizing their potential. This sums up some of Tony's thoughts on his Hilti experience overall.
It really is about personal development at Hilti, and how much you’re willing to take control of your success."