From Intern to Account Manager: Building my Hilti Career

By Noah, Account Manager

As a former intern who joined Hilti full-time after graduation, I’m sharing my perspective on the internship program, my transition into a full-time position, and my career progression so far.

What was the turning point where you knew you ‘had to have the job’ at Hilti?

Once I understood our culture around failure. We are built to fail! It is only natural. Yes, if you get knocked down 10 times you better get back up 11 times. But how do you learn from that failure? What is the takeaway? It was so refreshing to know that Hilti understands you are going to fail but provides the security of working with you to carve a direction to success and learn from your mistakes.  

What is your favorite part of your role?

My favorite part of being an account manager is the family I’ve gained through work. I am the youngest on my team by ~10 years. As soon as I became an account manager, my team took me in as one of their kin, each and every one of them. Whether it's weekends snowboarding together, sharing hobbies like woodworking, or just catching up, my team is always looking to grow closer together. When you develop such a strength as a team, you are truly unstoppable. They help me celebrate my wins, but more importantly, they proactively work with me to get out of my "slumps" and learn from them.

What are your aspirations in your career?

As an intern, I learned Hilti was in over 120 different countries. I decided to pursue International Business as my major with the aspirations of one day working internationally. As I continued to develop in my internship, I learned just how attainable my desire to work internationally could be if I worked full-time at Hilti.

Since coming back full-time, I’ve had exposure to what an international career path truly looks like. At an entry-level position, I felt comfortable reaching out to team members about their international careers in order to learn more.
I’d like to eventually work on the Global Product Management team out of our global HQ in Schaan, Liechtenstein. However, I am not in any rush as I know I have the right resources and cheerleaders to allow me to reach this goal.  

What’s a favorite or impactful moment from your time at Hilti so far?

The most impactful moment from my time at Hilti is more so a timeframe – when I was interviewing for my Account Manager promotion. The amount of support that was provided from a multitude of departments was tremendously inspiring.
Working in the Tulsa Operations Campus allowed me to meet and grow with an incredibly diverse group of coworkers and departments. I knew that I could ask for any type of help (mock interviews, sample questions, etc.) from managers across the sales floor – who all offered their time and valuable input. Interviews aside, the moral support provided by the entire office was moving. I am so thankful for my time in Tulsa, and those two weeks in particular will always stick with me!

What 3 words would you use to describe Hilti to someone?

Comfortable being uncomfortable – get used to getting out of your comfort zone, but we will supply the resources to help grasp and succeed at whatever role you’re in!

About The Author

Noah is an alumnus of Oklahoma State University and started his career with Hilti in 2017 as an Inside Sales Intern in Tulsa, OK.

He joined full-time in 2018 as an Inside Sales Specialist before moving to his current role as an Account Manager in Denver, CO.