Meet the Leader of Our Latinx Affinity Group - Natalia

By Natalia, Product Manager

Why are you passionate about the LatinX affinity group?

My passion for leading the LatinX group comes from my story as an immigrant and working professional Latina in the USA where I noticed that we are underrepresented in leadership positions in a lot of industries and there is a lack of understanding of the Latin culture. My hope is that this group will give LatinX Hilti members the opportunity to create a sense of belonging and bring their full selves to work. Furthermore, to give our allies an understanding of the rich diversity within our community and knowledge about the inequities of the LatinX community.

What has surprised you most about working at Hilti?

Hilti is a big family! I am surrounded by people who are team players and care, support, and contribute to my career and personal growth. The sky is the limit when you work at Hilti. Above all, after 7 wonderful years in this company, I know I have made friends for life.

What's a favorite or impactful moment from your time at Hilti so far?

In 2019, the Hilti family visited my team in Texas and we had the chance to present two development projects we were working on. It was an incredible opportunity to show new innovations in firestop to the family that made it all possible!

Anything else you'd like to share?

A dream come true has been having the opportunity to work in a diverse team! We have all the "3 Gs" (generations, genders and geographies) in my team.  We all come from different countries: Germany, Austria, Mexico, Portugal, the USA and Colombia.