From Intern to Technical Support Engineer: Building my Hilti Career

By Karan, Technical Support Engineer

As a former intern who joined Hilti full-time after graduation, I’m sharing my perspective on the internship program, my transition into a full-time position, and my career progression so far.

Tell us about your internship experience. 

My Hilti internship experience started at the Sophomore Preview Day in 2018. That was the day I noticed that Hilti cared deeply about their interns, the internship experience, and providing worthwhile work. My internship experience was no different. Hilti has a very strong work culture and every employee practices the core values of teamwork, integrity, courage, and commitment, every day.

How have you developed within your career so far? 

I started at Hilti as an intern in the Technical Services Engineering department in Plano, TX in summer 2019. After graduation, I was presented with an opportunity to come back to Plano as a Technical Service Engineer in the same department. Over the past few months, I have been able to learn a lot about Hilti, get involved with multiple clubs like Toastmasters and Book Club, participate in various service events, and take up more responsibilities in my fields of interest while enjoying my time and having fun.

How do you feel you’ve been able to apply what you studied at school to your career?

At Hilti, I have been able to find a balance between applying my skills learned through my engineering degree and attaining industry-specific knowledge that will help me in my future. I utilize my technical experience and aptitude along with developing transferable skills like public speaking, customer engagement, and industry exposure.

Have you relocated in your time with Hilti?

I relocated from Raleigh, NC to Plano, TX not only for my internship but also to start my full-time role. Both times I was glad that I decided to relocate with Hilti. Hilti provided me with relocation support, assisted me in finding housing and welcomed me into the city I now call home. If someone yearns to travel, Hilti is the ideal company due to its extensive presence in several countries on multiple continents.

Any tips for someone who is considering a role at Hilti or advice for someone interested in a career like yours?

I would tell anyone considering a career with Hilti to be curious and to step out of their comfort zone. There will be many opportunities to grow and learn and I would recommend to not only take them but also ask questions along the way. There are no stupid questions and the more you put into this internship, the more you will get out of it. I would also challenge them to get involved, make connections and remember to have fun along the way!

About The Author

Karan is an alumnus of North Carolina State University and started his career with Hilti in 2019 as a Technical Services Intern.

He joined full-time in 2020 as a Technical Support Engineer in Plano, TX.