Engineers Week 2021

As we celebrate Engineers Week, take a look at just a few profiles of our engineering team members below. You will also be able to search for our latest engineering opportunities.

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"Since I was a little girl, I was curious how moving parts worked. As time passed, I realized the huge impact that engineering could have in the world with solutions and innovations that can make our lives easier every day. Thus, it was something that I wanted and want to be part of.

The interaction that I have with my team is incredible; we are constantly learning from each other and collaborating with different groups throughout the organization."


"Listening to engineers passionately talk about their careers inspired me to pursue a career in engineering. With Hilti, I love that I get to work with the latest innovations in technology and help support the integrity of projects across the construction industry."


"My aunt was an engineer, which influenced me to become an engineer. I knew that there was a need for African American female engineers in the industry, so I decided to take on that challenge and be one of the people to add to that small number.

I love that as an engineer at Hilti there is a lot of opportunity for growth. Hilti values your career and respects the path that you decide to take as a professional and in your personal life."


"I became an engineer because I was naturally curious about how things worked and why. There are so many opportunities to continue learning and stay engaged with your career in the engineering field."


"My favorite thing about working as an engineer at Hilti is collaborating with a diverse network of professionals and caring and supportive teams who are committed to purposeful work every day."


"I became an engineer in order to give tangible expression to values that would improve the world: collaboration, humility, exceptionalism, and honesty.

I love working as an engineer at Hilti because I feel trusted to do what is right of our organization, our customers, and our goals to improve life safety."


"Hilti has helped me break out of the rigid box of what it means to be a Structural Engineer. It has challenged me and pushed me beyond limits and skills I thought I possessed.

I now realize, I am capable of much more than I ever imagined, and I’m very grateful to Hilti for that."


"Engineering is a good mix of all my favorite things: math, science and puzzles. I appreciate how innovative Hilti is with its products and software.

Before they decided to create a new product, or update current products, they do their due diligence to speak with as many customers and employees as possible to hear about their pain points and try to fill that gap."

It’s as much about people as it is about technology

While joining our team calls for a technical mindset, none of our engineering jobs are purely tech driven. Instead you’ll have a consultative role, where you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds – working in leading-edge innovation while building relationships with enthusiastic customers. 
Our engineers get involved from the early stage of a project, making the connection between a customer’s need and our product design, and then translating these things to marketing and sales.
Many construction projects present unexpected challenges, where off-the-shelf products aren’t up to the job. So our field engineers work with clients and contractors to find custom made solutions, and then our R&D and software engineers skillfully develop them. 
At Hilti, you’ll get a lot of responsibility from very early on and, with consistent results, you could be leading your own team before you know it. All the time, you’ll be working in a vibrant culture with a diverse range of talent – unique in their ways but who share the same ambition to build a better future.