Engineering at Hilti

Hilti engineers solve some of the toughest challenges in the construction industry, impacting structures where people live and work.

Crack the code

Can you crack the code? Use the clues below, then check your answer at the bottom of the page. 


  • 682 - Only one number is correct and correctly placed​
  • 614 - Only one number is correct but in the wrong place​
  • 206 - Two numbers are correct but in the wrong place​
  • 738 - Nothing is correct​
  • 870 - Only one number is correct but in the wrong place​

Fill the tanks

Which tank will fill first? 

Get in gear

What is the relative speed of Gear 1 and Gear 4 if the four gears have the following specifications:​

  • Gear 1 has 60 teeth​
  • Gear 2 has 40 teeth​
  • Gear 3 has 20 teeth​
  • Gear 4 has 60 teeth
  • Every minute, Gear 2 makes 15 complete turns.​

Balance the scales

Which tool will make the last scale balance? Use the key below, then check your answer.

Key: ​
Screw Driver= 1​
Tool box = 3​
Angle Grinder = 5​

Bag of Tools

There are 6 Hilti tools in the bag. 6 people each take one of the tools. How can it be that one tool is left in the bag?​