Inclusion anchors our corporate strategy

At Hilti, we strive to provide a rewarding and satisfying workplace for all – so much so that it is anchored in our strategy foundation of a caring and performance-oriented culture.

Our diversity is evident in the variety of nationalities, genders, generations, orientations, experiences and interests of our team members. But, more importantly, we are cultivating an environment of inclusion that empowers our team members to contribute ideas and drive our success.


Why do we focus on diversity and inclusion? We do it because we believe the best, most innovative ideas come from bringing together people with a variety of views and experiences. We do it because we want to find the best talent and keep our team members engaged in an environment that allows everyone to thrive. We do it to reflect the environment where we live and work. And, we do it to create enthusiastic customers and build a better future.

"Mixed teams bring better results. As an integral part of our Champion 2020 business strategy, diversity plays a significant role. Being inclusive makes us more  innovative, more flexible and ultimately stronger. Our aim is to build a more balanced leadership, while continuing to fill 80 percent of leadership positions from within. We are on track to meet a first milestone of 20 percent females in leadership ahead of our 2020 aspiration. We now turn our attention to reviewing ambition levels for 2030.“

- Christoph Loos, CEO, Hilti Group

Embedding D&I in our People processes

Our competency model is­­­ a global framework for selecting, developing and coaching our employees using consistent, business-related behavioral dimensions to improve performance. We’ve taken a deep look at it to ensure there are no built-in biases which may not support our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion. We’ve also added the dimension "working inclusively with others" to consider this important competency in all our assessments.  


Other people processes have also been revised to ensure that we are more inclusive and open to diversity. For instance, we embedded a Beyond Bias workshop into our leadership learning program. Team leaders learn there how to apply tools that help them to make more objective, better decisions. 

Addressing unconscious bias

We developed our ‘Beyond Bias’ workshops to deal with the topic of unconscious bias with our team leaders across the globe. By connecting these workshops to key assessment processes like people development or recruitment, we support leaders to improve their self-reflection and become more aware of their own biases. This helps them develop mechanisms to make more objective and better decisions.

As we focus on diversity and become aware of our bias, the next step is to lead mixed teams. Leading Inclusively is our newest offering to address the challenges and opportunities that come with leading mixed teams.

Men advocating real change

For Hilti to be a diverse and inclusive company, it takes all of us supporting members of all groups to ensure every team member has an environment to reach their full potential.

MARC (Men Advocating Real Change) is a Catalyst program that “empowers men to engage in workplace inclusion through research-based programming and an online community to continue the conversation.”

Hilti partners with Catalyst to host workshops for our leaders, as well as leaders from our customers and community, to educate men on inclusive practices. Our hope is that these programs will build a more empowering environment for all to succeed in the future. It’s just one way that we’re making good on our mission to build a better future.

Inclusion Strategy

Our leaders are committed to inclusion and D&I anchors our corporate strategy. Learn why we believe it strengthens our business.

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