Like coming home

Rich is a veteran of the Army, where he served in both the United States and Germany, and finished out his term as a Chief Warrant Officer (CW2). His service was fueled by a lifelong passion for technology and science, and he chose to pursue a future with Hilti as the company's core values of Teamwork, Integrity, Courage and Commitment closely aligned with the personal ethos he had developed during his time in the military. 
Since joining Hilti, Rich has had a career requiring ever-increasing responsibility during his 16 years with the company, starting as a Service Manager for Hilti North America, and rising all the way to Vice President of Operations and Logistics in Hilti's Hong Kong branch. He currently is a Tool Service Manager and Mentor in one of the most successful Hilti repair facilities in the world, located in Irving, Texas.
Even with a career as bright as Rich's, he came to realize that Hilti is large and diverse enough that there's virtually no limit to your personal potential if you keep an open mind and avoid self-imposed limits.
As he said: "I had blindly limited my personal career aspirations to a path aligned to leading in the service segment of operations. Fortunately, my leaders and mentors at Hilti recognized and encouraged me to expand my work into other departments. It exponentially increased my career opportunities."  


This kind of objective self-assessment has continued to serve Rich at Hilti, just as it did during his time in the Army. In addition to furthering his ability to climb higher in the ranks, his awareness speaks to conscious and constant efforts towards self-improvement. 
Speaking about his personal growth, he said: "My development as a leader did not progress until I learned that other members of the team would need different kinds of tailored support from me for us to grow and succeed."
With our mission-driven work ethic and high-performing culture, Hilti often offers a familiar environment to veterans transitioning out of the military. For those with the discipline, the drive and the will to achieve, Hilti is, as Rich put it, "like coming home."
He then added: "Hilti has always had a clear understanding of who and what our company should be for both our customers and our team. Because the core values of the military have been reflected and even formally adopted into the company's culture, it was simple to understand how to be successful here."