Building A Career

Tanya served in the Army as a 42C Orthotist, and joined Hilti in 1999 as an Account Manager. A transition directly into the sales force is sometimes seen as a difficult one, but Tanya persevered, proving that those with the personal wherewithal and drive to succeed can find great success with Hilti's sales team. And because these traits are part of the esprit du corps of the military, veterans can often build strong careers in sales, and set themselves up for future accomplishments.
In her own words: "I was a member of a high-functioning team during my service in the Army. My experience taught me to leverage the skills of each member to elevate the strength of the entire team — which has also been my experience at Hilti."
Tanya has built a 19-year career at Hilti, spanning six states, which show no signs of stopping due to her can-do attitude and boundless positivity to the Hilti mission. Her current position is a Division Manager of Project Managers in the Technical Services branch, and Tanya firmly believes that the business relationship between Hilti and our clients is a crucial part of what we do.
As she said: "I am a member of a passionate, dedicated team, where we fully and inclusively leverage each other's strengths to ensure that our customers view us as partners, not vendors. I work for who I work with."


In addition to building common cause with clients, Tanya is also passionate about passing on her knowledge and expertise to the next generation of rising stars within Hilti, continuing the trend of candidate mentorship that is just one part of Hilti's commitment to our team members.
She said: "Throughout my tenure, I have had many excellent managers, and now am fortunate to lead a team of my own. My goal is to impact others by sharing knowledge, mentoring and helping to develop our future leaders."  
Tanya cites Hilti's shared values with the military, opportunity for personal and professional growth and a strong work/life balance as the reasons that she chose Hilti as place to build her career.
"In the Army, I learned about loyalty, duty, respect, honor and personal bravery. These values allowed me to bridge my military service with my career at Hilti, where we act with integrity, demonstrate courage, achieve through teamwork, and commit ourselves to personal and company growth."