Blog - Morgan Young

This year we’re celebrating five years of the Hilti University Relations program. As a former intern who converted into a full-time employee after graduation, I’m sharing my perspective on what it was like transition into my full-time position and how my career has progressed so far. To learn more about our University Relations program, please visit:

Why did you decide to take the full-time position at Hilti after your internship?
Culture and career development. I have been with the company for two years. The culture upon my arrival in 2016 met my internship expectations and has continued to improve over time to exceed other organizations in the marketplace. Segmenting deeper from the Hilti culture is the career development process, which aligns directly with my core values. The internship allowed me to fully understand and appreciate how Hilti serves its people for long-term development and growth, and I wanted to be a part of that culture. 

How have you developed your career so far at Hilti?
Personal development has been tremendous, from technical competency development to direct customer relationships and business acumen. My story started out as a technical support engineer at our North American headquarters in Plano, TX. I always had a desire to serve people from a technical perspective, and my team lead was tenacious and professional in developing my colleagues and me to be successful field engineers. As the market needs changed locally, Hilti enthusiastically allowed me to switch gears and try one of our core company positions as an Account Manager. Currently, I serve the DFW market in our building construction trade segment partnering with general and specialty contractors.


What do you enjoy most about your current role/working at Hilti?
Above all, I enjoy Hilti’s mission the most and the ‘why’ behind why we do what we do every day. We are here to create enthusiastic customers and partnerships. We accomplish this by differentiation in service, software and product innovation. From a more day-to-day perspective, I enjoy the flexibility and trust to service our partners the way I see fit to match our clearly-defined goals.

What advice would you give to future interns?
Meet as many people as you can while you are here and build those relationships. The ability to gain an inside-out view perspective of an organization over a few months is rare. I encourage you to be present, work hard, be curious and have fun along the way!