Meet the Leader of our LatinX Affinity Group - Natalia

"My hope is that this group will give LatinX Hilti members the opportunity to create a sense of belonging and bring their full selves to work. Furthermore, to give our allies an understanding of the rich diversity within our community and knowledge about the inequities of the LatinX community."

Meet the Leader of our Black Affinity Group - Shana

"As a black woman professional in this country, it is my life's passion to bring permanent change to the way marginalized people are perceived and treated."

Meet the Leader of our LGBTQ+ Affinity Group - Yasmin

"I think everyone should have the opportunity to be heard (or not, if they prefer) and to feel like they are a part of the conversation in whatever way best suits them.

I hope to be the kind of leader who inspires others to speak up and participate and most of all to be the kind of leader who inspires people to be their most authentic selves."